Mock tudor boards

Mock Tudor Boards
It’s not wood – It’s better!


Derbyshire Fascias mock tudor boards will add a bold and timeless touch to the exterior of your home. Created from high-quality mouldings of actual English Oak pieces, each board has the identical detail, warmth and visual appeal of actual wood. And with mock tudor pegs, it will give an authentic style to your period feature. This product is available in a range of pre-finished colours that can suit not only your taste, but also the existing appearance of your home.


All of the products we install are made from rigid polyurethane, that will resist rot, moisture, mildew, warping and splintering. The secret of polyurethane is its closed cell structure. This makes it very stable, withstanding temperatures of 120°C (248°F) or higher, at the same time keeping moisture from migrating behind coatings. Thus the paint finish remains unaffected by both heat and moisture. Making this product “fit and forget”.


Wooden tudor boards are very high maintenance, and can only last up to 1 year before seeing signs of deterioration. Where as our mock tudor boards have a 10 year manufacturers guarantee. Painting wooden tudor boards on the average house can cost £1,500 plus, and when done 4-5 times over a 10 year period can become very costly and time consuming. With pre-finished mock tudor boards from Derbyshire Fascias, you can rest assure that this will not only look stunning, but also save you time and money.

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