Why Derbyshire Fascias

Why Derbyshire Fascias

Never repaint, Never repair!

We provide a full range of BBA approved Fascia Boards, Barge Boards and Soffits in and around Derby to give your home a first class maintenance free roofline installation. Finished off with white, black or brown guttering and downpipes.

‘’No more climbing up perilously high ladders to paint rotting timbers’

With Roofline from Derbyshire Fascias, you never again have to paint or repair your home. All of our products withstand the ravages of time. They are permanently in place, maintenance-free, and our white products come with a fully comprehensive 15 years guarantee.

The British Board of Agrément is an independent government sponsored body which carries out rigorous testing on many building products. This coveted approval means our products pass one of the UK’s and Europe’s most stringent testing procedures. Something even one of the biggest national names in the industry can’t claim!!

Fascia & Soffits from Derby Roofline are BBA Approved

British Board of Agrément is an independent government sponsored body

The BBA’s Agrément Certificates have been providing authoritative and independent information on the performance of building products for over 30 years. Every Agrément Certificate contains important data on durability, installation and compliance with Building Regulations, not just in England and Wales, but in Scotland and Northern Ireland, too.

The maintenance free home comes one step nearer with Derbyshire Roofline……..

Please remember we:

  • Remove all existing external timber and not over clad.
  • Remove rotten roofing felt edges.
  • Check for and remove vacated wasps or bird nests.
  • Where necessary, treat timbers with wood preserver.
  • Fit a ventilation facility to allow the roof to ‘breathe’ avoiding further damp, where necessary.
  • Fit eaves guard.
  • Fit bird guard, when Roman type tiles are present on the roof.
  • Where necessary, re-cement the gable ends and edges to stop water penetration.
  • Ensure all ‘finishing off’ is carried out with attention to detail.
  • Completely clean up and remove all site debris.

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